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Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions for Obtaining Membership

  1. Vehicles eligible for coverage include
    • Cars
    • Vans
    • SUV’s

  1. Services offered for every SJC membership
    • Accident
    • Breakdown
    • Tyre puncture
    • Battery failure
    • Fuel shortage (currently not available)

  1. By becoming a member of SJC recovery, during the membership period you are entitled for 2 services from the above absolutely.

  2. To be eligible for the membership the manufacture year of the Motor vehicle should be on or after the year of 2005.

  3. The membership card is valid only for a period of one year. Renewal of the membership card should be done prior to the expiration date of the membership.

  4. A new member is eligible to request our services after 3 days from obtaining our membership by paying the annual membership fee in full.

  5. If you obtain the 2 free services before the end of 12 months, you can enjoy all our services again (3 days after renewing), by immediately renewing your membership for another 12 months.

  6. It is solely the decision of SJC Recovery (Pvt) Ltd. to refuse the recovery services to any vehicle, if any disagreements occur due to intoxication.

  7. In the event of recovering your vehicle, the client is strongly advised to get the damage check list, filled (provided to the customer at registration time) and signed from both parties (member and service provider) before the vehicle is loaded or towed. Failure to do so from the client side, SJC Recovery (Pvt) Ltd. will not take ANY responsibility for damages that may happen during transportation.

  8. Our services will be provided only on motorable roads.

  9. Since we are providing this service with our utmost sincerity, honesty at a very reasonable fee, it is your duty and responsibility to ensure that this service is not abused.

  10. Note that abusing of service in any manner will be dealt with legal action.

  11. Terrorist attacks / natural disasters are not covered by our services.

  12. Arrival time of the service provider could vary according to the distance.

  13. In case of fuel shortage, the amount of fuel provided will be charged.

  14. The client may be required to help or assist us when loading & unloading of the vehicle.

  15. For any further information please contact our hotline- 0117899999

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